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Because every Korth ist unique. It used to be and still is today. Half a century after Willi Korth presented his very first revolver the public, the manufactory Korth runs at full speed again. The name Korth stands for unique gunsmithing. The revolvers, which we manufacture don´t just shoot extreme precisely. Their appearance makes these weapons small art works that redound the glory of any man. The exquisite and individual products are valued as gifts to express highest recognition and find their way into the exclusive collections of passionate weapon collectors. The spirit of Will Korth to continiously improve even the very good things, you can feel in each weapon made by PTW KORTH Technologies GmbH. The best of steels, hand chosen timber and perfect mechanics are the ingredients, which are formed through experience, countless hours of hand working. Anyone, who has ever held a Korth in his Hand and felt its perfect balance, smooth operation and excellent timing, understands the phenomenon Korth The shooting results speak for themself and are the confirmation of this spirit and passion. A Korth is a piece of exclusivity. Exclusivity that arises solely from the personal drive of their master Willi Korth ...

... to build the best revolver in the world!

The Makers

„Precision, Elegance and Emotionality are given to our weapons as standard"

And that means to build the best revolver in the world. Because when Willi Korth began in the mid-1960s to develop a revolver, a single goal drove him: to improve everything that you could be improved.
Since 2008 the company KORTH is continued by Martin Rothmann in the tradition and the requirement for highest quality standards. Our dedicated team of 25 employees has 30 years experience in manufacturing and production of precision mechanical components in the fields of Aerospace , Automotive and Defence Industries. In order to keep the production at the usual high level, it was necessary to move into a modern production plant and invest in new "state-of-the-art" machinery. Traditional materials, timeless design, advanced manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship merge into a weapon which unites generations. The combination of these properties make our Korth weapons imperishable and low-wear. Even if frequently used the precision, quality and grace remains.

„Living Passion”

The legend Korth can only remain if the knowledge is our weapons manufactory is passed from one generation to the next. In respectful interaction with the Willi Korth's heritage and responsibility for the maturation of our children, we are committed with particular intensity in the promotion of young talents. Active youth work in shooting clubs , sports sponsorships at different levels and professional training of young people in our factory show that Korth combines interpersonal skills and the fascination for handguns. And to keep the tradition of the best revolvers alive.


Youths with technical talent, interest in technical correlations, patience and diligence in carrying out precise work and pleasure in team playing are welcome. We offer apprenticeships in the areas of gunsmiths and precision engineering.
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Our Team

Martin Rothmann

Managing Director / CEO

Thomas Klapstein



Gunsmith / Support